Create a keypair

An EC2 KeyPair is required if you want to SSH into an EC2 instance. We will be creating multiple EC2 instances in this workshop and use a KeyPair with those instances.

If you already have an existing EC2 KeyPair, and corresponding private key, you can skip this page.

Create an Amazon EC2 key pair

to your AWS account

We will be working in the us-east-1 (N. Virginia) Region for this workshop, therefore, choose US East (N. Virginia) from the upper right of the console. select region

Go to the EC2 console by searching or choosing it from the list of AWS services.

Choose Key Pairs from the left pane. select keypair

Choose Create Key Pair. create keypair

Enter the keypair name as qsworkshop, and click create. This will automatically download a file named qsworkshop.pem on your local machine. This is your private key.

Move qsworkshop.pem file to your home directory. The new location should be ~/qsworkshop.pem.

Run cd ~ to go to your home directory.

Reduce the permission on your .pem file so only the root user can read it by running chmod 400 qsworkshop.pem.

For more information on Amazon EC2 Key Pairs, see the Amazon EC2 documentation.