Set-up CICD for CloudFormation

Now, we will setup a CICD pipeline for our Github repo. This will ensure that any changes to the code is always tested before merge, and the master branch of the repo always contains the working code which is ready to be submitted to the original Quick Start repository. We will use the CI/CD pipeline for AWS CloudFormation templates Quick Start to setup the pipeline. This is an example where we are using an existing Quick Start to accomplish a task.

Deploying pipeline

Go to CI/CD pipeline for AWS CloudFormation templates Quick Start landing page. lpage

Select How to deploy tab and click Launch the Quick Start link. howto

It will open the AWS CloudFormation console in a new tab in your browser. Click Next on the Select Template page. select-template

On the Specify Details page, enter following values for the parameters:

  • Repository owner - Your github id
  • Repository name - qs-workshop
  • Source branch - develop
  • Release branch - master
  • OAuth2 token - Github access token created in Create Github token page.

Leave other parameters as-is, click Next and Next.

On the Review page, review and confirm the template settings. Under Capabilities, select the check boxes to acknowledge that the template will create IAM resources and require additional capabilities. Then click Create to deploy the stack. cstack

It will take approximately 3-5 minutes to deploy the CICD pipeline. While CloudFormation is creating stack, you can move on to the next steps. You can go to CloudFormation console, to check the status of the CloudFormation stack from.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup a CICD pipeline for your Quick Start Github repo.