Best practices

Quick Starts are built for production deployments. Therefore, when designing the architecture of your Quick Start, you should follow AWS best practices and Well Architected framework.

You should consider answering the following questions, before starting to write the CloudFormation templates.

  • How many Availability Zones the workload will be deployed into?

    You should use at least two for high availability.

  • Where should your workload be placed?

    Consider security and external access when deciding whether to install your software in a public or private subnet.

  • How many public and private subnets?

    If your workload needs an additional level of isolation, you might consider setting up a second private subnet with network ACL protection in each Availability Zone.

  • Is your workload distributed across multiple instances?

    If yes, use Elastic Load Balancing to help ensure availability and fault tolerance.

  • Is your workload stateless or stateful? Do you save session state in the workload instances?

    If you don’t, your workload instance would be a good candidate for Auto Scaling.

These are just some of the considerations when designing the architcture of your Quick Start. Use AWS Well-Architected Framework to build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure.