Review process

So far you learnt how to plan, build and test a Quick Start. The final step, after you have tested your Quick Start successfully is to submit your code to the Quick Start repo for review.

When your proposal to build a Quick Start is approved by the Quick Start team, a github repo will be created for that Quick Start in Quick Start Github org and you will be granted access to it. You will never create a Quick Start repo yourself, manually.

For this workshop you created your own GitHub repo and you had full permissions to it. However, when you are working on a Quick Start repo in the Quick Start GitHub org, you will most likely won’t have full permissions.

To be able to submit your code to the Quick Start repo, you should follow the below steps.

  1. Fork Quick Start github repo.
  2. Clone the repo locally.
  3. Add upstream remote branch.
  4. Create a feature branch.
  5. Update your fork.
  6. Create pull request.

Now, Lets walk through the above steps using an existing Quick Start.